Benefits for your sports club

Hitssports websites are built to include all the features that sports club need to help them run their club. It's difficult to go into all of the features available.

We have listed the main features to the right, further details are displayed when you pass your mouse over a feature.

To fully appreciate how our sites work please either visit our demo site or sign up for a no obligation trial website (it takes about a minute to signup, and your trial website is ready immediately!).

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Features of a Hitssports website

There are so many features built in to our sites it is hard to list them all here, to help you see quickly what you get here are our top 20 features. The system is built specifically to help you run your sports club, and is structured to help you do it as easily as possible.

Pass your mouse over the features in the list below, further details will be shown to the right.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Members update availability through website
  • Teamsheets, selection handled online
  • Photo Galleries - upload your photos
  • Discussion Forum
  • Team / squad page listing all members of squads
  • Fixtures list, including directions
  • Search engine friendly
  • Create your own design
  • News section, and news "ticker" on home page
  • Add as many extra pages as you wish
  • Results, match reports
  • League Tables
  • Match stats and player performances
  • Website Statistics
  • Player Profiles
  • Contact form
  • Club Location
  • Club Officials
  • Honours Board
  • Links Page
  • View Archives
You don't need to be an expert to use our system.

No prior knowledge of HTML (the language for producing web pages) is required, our system generates this for you. Your admin area allows you to manage your teams, and players all through your website.

You can also use our email members feature to send email to all those on the database, specific teams, or individuals within the club.
You want your website to appear when people search for your club. You want potential new members to find your club website, not your local rival's website when they search.

There are a number of factors that go together to help this to happen. One of the most important is to ensure the underlying structure of your site is built to open the pages in your site to search engines. We've taken care of this so you don't need to worry about it!

We've ensured all the pages in your site can be indexed, and made all the page names "search engine friendly" (something that most database driven sites don't do).
Choose your own colours, fonts, and upload your own images to make your site personal to your club.

We now also offer a custom design service, to give your website a professional and individual design.
Add the latest news on your club to your website, and view all the latest Headlines in your sport from around the world, from within your site.

Latest news is displayed in a ticker on the home page, highlighting the most relevant news to all visitors to your website.
You can add an effectively unlimited number of additional pages to your website using our wysiwyg editor it's easy to create your own individual pages for specific events, or sections of the club. You can even copy and paste most documents from Word and retain formatting features.
Display a full fixture list for all of the clubs within your club, including colts teams.

All fixtures are automatically archived by season so you will be able to view a full history of all results added to the system. If you choose you can add a full history of your clubs results throughout the years.
Keeping track of all members availabilities for fixtures used to be a real headache. That all changes with a hitssports website.

All your players availabilities can be entered online, by each member and are stored centrally, they can then be printed off for a specific date, prior to selection. When you come to select your teamsheets on the website you will not be able to select those who've said they can't play (although this can be overridden if necessary).
Display the teams for the matches on your website and save on ringing round. All members are emailed when they are selected and can simply click a link in the email to confirm they can play.
Publish all your results, and match reports on your website allowing members to keep in touch with what is going on within in the club, and helping to attract new players.
You can manually enter your league tables or you can enter a link to an external website containing your league table information, this will then be included within your own website.
Player performances are recorded to build up a full record of performances over time. Matches played, and performance details are recorded (currently for (Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket). These stats are then displayed in match reports, and a summary by season is displayed in player's profiles.
Our system now allows easy integration with Google Analytics providiong you with one of the most comprehensive tools to analyse the traffic you are getting to your website. You can see how people are finding out about your website, and use this information to promote your sports club.
The in-built discussion forum can be used by club members to discuss whatever they want about your club. It can also be used to run polls to canvas member opinion.
Every Player in your club will have their own profile page within your website, which they can update themselves. Every place their name is mentioned will link through to their player profile. You will be able to upload a photo for each of the players in your club, which will be displayed on their profile.
Our photo gallery featue allows you to upload photos of matches and events (in fact anything you want, although please keep it clean!!). Photo's are categorised into galleries and a thumbnail image is automatically generated for each image you upload. Don't worry about the image fitting on the page, our system will ensure your image is the correct size, and optimized for efficient download. You simply need to take the photos and upload...
A contact page on your website allows people to contact you directly, simply by filling in the fields on the Contact page. This helps to avoid posting members email addresses directly on the internet which can be a contibutory factor to spam emails
This page will display details of how to get to your club, and a map showing the location of your club. It will also allow opposition to enter their own postcode to retrieve directions direct to your ground.
Add, and edit details of all your club officials, all from our easy to use admin interface.
Our honours board allows you to recreate the honours board in your club on your website, create an unlimited number of awards, and award winners.
The current seasons details will be displayed by default, however if you wish to you can access fixtures, results, averages, and statistics from previous seasons. If you wish you can enter data for up to the past 50 years.
The teams page displays the players within each of the teams or squads within in your club, listing the captain and vice-captain if assigned.